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Company Culture

Company Culture

Fairness, integrity, efficiency ---- fairness is the best system enterprise, honesty is the Founding of the efficiency is the source of development.

Business, honor, duty ----- enterprises in my heart, honor above all else, the responsibility is extremely heavy.

The core concept of corporate culture

Strategic Positioning: promote restructuring, structural adjustment, to build a resource-saving and environment-friendly enterprises weight training, strong competition, plastic learning management team, establish innovative talents.

Enterprise mission: to provide high-quality raw materials, boosting the national industry for the development of China's chemical industry to work hard!

Vision: integration of resources, innovation, construction of central and western China's largest chemical raw materials production base!

The spirit of enterprise: innovation bravely assumed responsibility.

The basic concept of corporate culture

Business philosophy: win-win cooperation and common development, to stimulate potential, a successful career, fair competition and social returns.

Management philosophy: cultural cohesion of the people, with the competition train qualified personnel, using the system to control human nature.

Business purpose: to create value for customers, creating opportunities for staff to create benefits for shareholders and create benefits for the community.

Motto: When companies do their own thing, his own party do not, no matter look for a job to do.

System Culture
System of four criteria:

in line with the actual situation of the company

In line with the wishes of the majority of employees

With a wide range of adaptability

With strong operational

Four management principles: 20/80 principle: 20% of executives to bear responsibility for 80%
The principle of fairness:the management of staff is just and fair
The principle of equality: equality before the system
Practical Principles: according to objective rules of development work
The implementation of "four one" policy:



A catch in the end


Working standards:

strict: strict system, strict management, strict discipline

High: high standards, high demand

Fine: meticulous, careful

Work style:

solid: realistic implementation

Qin: persevere

Fast: High speed and efficiency